IBM System/390 Integrated Server 3006

This is a relatively new implementation of an IBM 370 mainframe. It can have up to 4GB of RAM, 216GB of disk (DASD), Ethernet, Token Ring, and can use lots of the ancient peripherals from IBM mainframes. It can run OS/390, VM/ESA, VSE/ESA operating systems, and even Linux.

It boots OS/2 Warp on the Pentium II I/O and Service Processor (IOSP). All of the normal S/390 disk, tape, communications, and display controllers are emulated by the IOSP. The CDROM, Floppy, and 4mm DDS/3 DAT tape are also connected to the IOSP. The S/390 processor and 256MB of RAM are on a single boards plugged into the IOSP.

We need to power up this system to inventory the hardware, find out what hardware is enabled by the licenses, and to see if the IOSP and S/390 software is installed.