IBM 5322 System/23

(1981) This large, extremely heavy (95 lbs/43 kg) all-in-one desktop computer system, was designed to be taken out of the carton, set up, checked out and operated by first-time users. The Datamaster is an all-in-one computer with text-mode CRT display, keyboard, processor, memory, and two 8-inch floppy disk drives. The processor was an 8-bit Intel 8085 with bank switching logic to manage 256kB of memory. A BASIC interpreter was built-in. A second keyboard and screen could be attached in an extended configuration. The Datamaster combined word processing and data processing in a single machine to give small businesses the big benefits of information processing. The same engineers who design the Datamaster went on to help designed the IBM PC, the computer system which started the PC revolution which exists today. When introduced, a single-screen Datamaster sold for around $9000. This example was donated by Ron Fraser.

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Lisa Macey donation July 2015