Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC Prototype

Code Name: Wollemi

product_name = Sun Blade T6xxx Server Module

product_part_number = 541-3395-01

product_serial_number = 1005LCB-09139M002Y

UltraSPARC Prototype Restoration Page

The machine, code name Wollemi, was donated to the RICM by Eric Ozrelic because of a power supply problem that prevents it from booting. There is no documentation available for this prototype. We will post in the Restoration Blog what we hear from others, and what we can determine from reverse engineering.

The ILOM (Integrated Lights Out Management) firmware is dated 2008 and the OpenBoot firmware is dated 2009. It is supposed to have a 1.2 GHz 64 bit 8 core 64 thread UltraSPARC T2 processor with 4 MB L2 Cache. Each processor core has its own FPU (Floating Point Unit), 2 integer execution units, and it has hardware-assisted acceleration of RSA and DSA cryptographic operations. It came with 4x 4 GB DIMMs installed, and 4x 8 GB DIMMs in the box. We will swap the 4x 4 GB DIMMS for the 4x 8 GB DIMMs when the system running again.

There is some speculation that the design of this system is based on a Sun T2 based bladed server. We are looking at the Enterprise T5120 and T5220 servers, Sun Blade T6320 Server Module, Sun Netra CP3260 Blade, and Sun Netra T5210/T5220 Rackmount Server for clues to the design of this machine. The Netra CP3260 Blade is ATCA based so it has an IPMC instead of an ILOM which makes the architecture different. The Enterprise T5210/T5220 server looks similar. The Sun Blade T6320 looks very close. It is also powered from just 12VDC

This is a rear view of the boards removed from the chassis. Remove 4x screws from the rear cover and the 2x hex bolts for the HDMI connector, and the rear face of the chassis comes off. Then remove two screws that hold the fan tray to the chassis, squeeze the release handle between the boards, and everything slides out of the chassis. The system can be run while it is outside of the chassis because the fan is part of the assembly that was removed.

From left to right, SATA DVD drive, the I/O Board is on the left, the Intel WiFi board and AMD GPU board are plugged onto the back of the I/O board, the ILOM is plugged onto the back of the CPU board, and the CPU board is on the right. The black U-shaped part at the top is part of the heat-pipe CPU chip cooler.

The Ethernet connector for the CPU is on the I/O board, along with 2x USB, HDMI, DVI, and eSATA ports. The 12VDC power input and ILOM serial and Ethernet ports are on the CPU board. 

Processor Board Component Side