PC Magazine

The first edition was released in January 1982 as a monthly called PC (the word Magazine was not added to the logo until the first major redesign in January 1986). PC Magazine was created by David Bunnell, Eddie Currie and Tony Gold, a co-founder of Lifeboat Associates who financed the magazine. The magazine grew beyond the capital required to publish it, and to solve this problem, Gold sold the magazine to Ziff-Davis who moved it to New York City, New York. Bunnell and his staff left to form PC World magazine.

PC Magazine moved to biweekly publication in 1983 after a single monthly issue swelled to more than 800 pages. In 2009, the magazine switched to an online publication only. As of 2010, many complaints online linger about subscribers who did not get the refund they requested when they switched to an online-only company.

Our PC Magazine archive is a collection of primarily documents with PC Magazine issues from 1983-1997.