SGI Challenge L

SGI Challenge L, 2x 160 MHz MIPS R4400 CPUs, 128 MB RAM, 6x SCSI ports, and 2x Ethernet

This system is from the mid 1990s. The L is the larger of the two non-graphics versions of the Challenge L and can support up to 12 MIPS R4400 processors and up to 2 GB of RAM. Later models of this system used the MIPS R8000 and then the MIPS R10000 CPUs.

The top four bays at the right hold SCSI Dis Drives. The fifth bay down holds an 8 mm DAT tape drive; the sixth bay holds a CDROM drive, and the seventh bay is empty.

The card cage with the I/O door open.

The MC3 Memory Board, P/N 030-0604-004, with 8 16 MB P/N 030-0256-001 DIMMs installed for a total of 128 MB of RAM.

The IP19 CPU board, P/N 030-0374-007, with 2 150MHz MIPS R4400SC CPUs installed.

The IO4, P/N 030-0377-006, Onyx IO processor with 1 Single Ended and 2 Differential SCSI ports. Two are onstalled.

The Ethernet P/N 013-7062-003.