Processor Technology
SOL 20 Restoration

To Do:

Make a DB-9 to DB-15 null-modem cable for transferring software to the SOL.

Find images of BASIC and other languages for the SOL in HEX format. Find a way to upload the software into the SOL through the serial port.

There are two 8" diskette chassis and S-100 bus controllers in the warehouse. We need to find out what they are, what condition they are in, and see if they will work with the SOL. Then we need to find images of CP/M diskettes or other SOL software, make real 8" floppies with the images, and see if we can get an operating system running on the SOL.


Hooking up the Sol onto a laptop with a USB-Serial converter. Since both the Sol and the converter are wired as computer, we have to swap pins 2&3 (Txd and Rxd) with a breakout box. Installed Godbout ECONORAM IV 16K, tested working with EN and DUMP command.(01 02 03)


Refurbishing the keyboard with a donor Wang Foam and Foil keyboard. Works perfectly.