Data General Aviion

The Data General Aviion is a multiprocessing system that uses the Motorola 88000 RISC processor. Motorola stopped production of the 88000 CPU chip which killed this product.

The boards from left to right are: Single processor CPU, Memory with 32 MB populated, filler, filler, and I/O Controller with a Single-Ended and Differential SCSI mezzanine installed. The right half of the system is a duplicate of the left half.

The Aviion CPU board with a single Motorola 88000 CPU chip installed.

The Aviion memory board with a single 32 MB mezzanine installed.

The Aviion I/O Controller with a single-ended/differential SCSI adapter installed.

A front view showing the Aviion chassis at the top and two JABD chassis at the middle and bottom.

There are two really beefy power supplies in the front that feed this system.

A rear view of the Aviion cabinet.