DEC PDP-10 (DECSYSTEM 2020) S/N 4224

This DECSYSTEM 2020 was donated to the Rhode Island Computer Museum by the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth (formerly Southeastern Massachusetts University).

The KS10 is the smallest model in the PDP10 family of 36 bit computers manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation. It was introduced in 1978 as a small low cost version of the KL10. It has 512 Words of Cache Memory and supports a maximum of 512 Kwords (36-bit) of memory. ADP sold a modified version of this system that supported 1024 Kwords of memory.

This machine shipped with 512 KWords of RAM memory, a master and slave pair of TU45 Tape Drives, four RP06 Disk Drives, 32 serial ports, and a LP20 Line Printer interface.

The system had problems with the KS10 chassis power supply and the tape drives. The first problem with the tape drives was defective vacuum switches that detect the position of the tape in the vacuum columns. Replacement switches purchased from World Magnetics. The CPU cabinet and tape drives run on