IBM 5262 System/36

IBM 5362 System/36

The 5362, Compact 36, was introduced in 1984 and was targeted at the lower end of the midrange market. It was designed to operate in a normal office environment, not in a computer room. It had a smaller card cage than the full size 5360 and could handle less peripherals. It could be configured with up to two 14" disks either 30 or 60MB and the built in 8" floppy diskette drive. The RAM (main storage) ranged from 128KB to 512 KB.

The RICM has three of these systems.

IBM 5362 System/36 S/N 10-11846

IBM 5362 System/36 S/N 10-12173

IBM 5362 System/36 S/N 10-12558