DEC PDP-11/23 #2

This DEC PDP-11-23 was donated by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The system was originally used to collect data from MoWiTT: The Mobile Window Thermal Test Facility at LBL.

It consists of a KDF11 11/23 CPU Board, RLV12 RL02 Disk Controller, DSD Floppy Controller, DRV11 Quad-serial Board, and three ADAC Boards in a Netcom Q-Bus chassis connected to a DEC BA11-MF LSI-11 chassis containing two more ADAC boards and a memory board. It also has a DSD-440 dual floppy subsystem that looks like a pair of RX02 diskettes, and two DECRL02 10MB disk drives.

It runs RT-11 and TSX operating systems.