Data General Nova-3/12 #2, S/N EEO 97201

The label on the back of the CPU cabinet says; 8608-H-CN1, SO# 16304-49, Option 4007 in slot 4, Option 6030 in slot 12.

This CNC programming system is a Data General Nova-3/12 processor and a 6030 Floppy Diskette system in an OEM cabinet. The terminal on the left is a Data General Dasher. There is a plotter in the drawer in the lower middle of the cabinet and a paper tape reader/punch in the bottom of the cabinet. It came with two additional paper tape punches that are sitting on the top of the cabinet.

This system has a 005-006411 processor board in the bottom slot (1), an 005-007787 memory board in slot 2, an I/O board with serial ports for the console an plotter and parallel ports for the paper tape reader and punch in slot 4, and a 005-003982 Floppy Disk Controller in the top slot (12). There is a piece if nylon wire sealed with a lead tag going through the processor and memory ejector handles, so these boards have never been removed from the system.

The system powers up, and if you set the 0, 10, 11, 12, 14, & 15 switches up, then lift the RESET and the PR LOAD switches the system will load the head in the left floppy for a few seconds. There is no sign of life on the console, but the system does stay running.

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The Nova-3 in a very custom cabinet.

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This is the Basic IO Control board from the Nova.

It looks like it has been modified to add parallel input and output for the paper tape reader/punch and serial for the console and plotter.

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This is a piggy-back board that was added to the Basic IO Control board.

It is probably the RS-232 interface.

The serial cable was too short to pull the board all the way out for a better picture.

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The Nova-3/12 chassis.

The boards from bottom to top are; Processor, Memory, Serial/Parallel I/O, Floppy Disk Controller.

The Tektronix 5662 JA plotter. This has an RS-232 serial connection to the Nova-3.

The Paper Tape Reader Punch.