Intel Intellec MDS-800 #2

S/N BH 4877

This system was donated on 6-Aug-2022 by Larry Milesky

The Intel MDS-800 development systems was state of the art in 1978. It had an 8080 microprocessor with 16 kB RAM that was expandable to 64 KB RAM, a bootstrap ROM, and came with two double-density 8" floppy diskette drives. You could run either the Intel ISIS-II or Digital Research CP/M operating systems for software development. You could also buy a CRT, line printer, high-speed paper-tape reader, high-speed paper-tape punch, PROM/EPROM programmer, and several different ICE (In-Circuit Emulators) to go with the system. You could get ICE for almost all of the Intel CPUs. The ICE pod would replace the CPU chip in the board you were debugging. It let you single-step the CPU, inspect registers, edit memory contents, substitute physical RAM and peripherals from the MDS for RAM and peripherals on the board you were working on. Cross development tools were available for many Intel CPUs.

This is the same model of development system used by