Space Tabler

Alice Lee of Canada recently donated some software to the museum. We asked Alice to write us a short history of how the software was used in her family and this is what she had to say.

Hi Dan, well its a long story. My first husband bought one of the very first PC's put out by IBM that came into Canada, he was a programmer analyst with BC Tel in Vancouver. He had the hard drive, screen etc the works. He gave this to my daughter over 20 years ago for her studies and of course the hard drive was upgraded and the Space Tabler was never used by her. Once she had outgrown this unit we stored it all away and over the years got rid of the hard drive, then the screen but were left with the books, floppies and the Tabler. A few years ago I had another purge and the floppies and Tabler got chucked, I now regret this as it would have been great for your museum but must add it was extremely heavy a very thick piece of plastic with the metal arm piece. My daughter lives overseas and I told her I planned on having the books recycled and she was choked especially as I had thrown out the floppies. I then thought to try some computer museums and see if they would like them, 2 turned me down but luckily you were happy to receive them. So thats a short history, I did look on Ebay a year or two ago and I think someone was trying to auction one but it did not sell.

I hope this helps.

Happy Holidays

Cheers Alice