Burroughs B800

Burroughs B800 (1975)

This 1975 Burroughs B800 system was originally installed by Fred C. Morrison, Ltd. of New Sydney, Nova Scotia. In 1987 it was retired and sold to Ernest Gallant of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, who stored it. Through the assistance of Kevin Stumpf, Mr. Gallant graciously donated this unusual piece from a largely forgotten manufacturer. Burroughs combined with Sperry-Rand in 1984 to form Unisys.

The system has four 8K Byte 2609 2573 memories, a 2846 5383 Disk Control, a 2605 3850 Control Console, and a 2847 2876 Multiplexor installed.

A promotional image of a B800 system.

Left is a front view of the B800. The device on the left is the 8" floppy drive looks like a paper tape reader.

Technical Documentation for this system is available from Bitsavers.

A rear view showing the wire-wrap backplane at the left middle.

An inside view of the B800 CPU.

The serial number tag for the CPU.

The I/O and options tags for the CPU.

The really wide printer/console.

The left side printed a running ledger on continuous forms.

The right side could be used to print inventory cards and other small forms.

The cabinet containing two disk drives with removable packs. The disk packs look very similar to DEC RK05 packs.

A rear view of the removable disk drive.

The 9493-18 fixed disk drive. It has something that looks like a lamp shade draped over the disk platter.

The B800 Printer.