IBM 5150 PC

The 5150 was IBM's first attempt at offering a personal computer. Despite its sluggishness, it became a great success, setting a clear standard for computer architecture. It used the Intel 8088 CPU chip, chosen largely because the supporting I/O chips had already been developed. To the right is an example of a 5150 donated by Khris Osgood of Shady Lea, Rhode Island. The cabinet is an original IBM cabinet which you could lock up your valuable computer.

In 2014, David Bohnett donated this concours IBM Personal Computer Model 5150, Monitor Model 5151, Keyboard and misc. Books and Manuals. David Bohnett originally procured the Apple IIc and IBM Model 5150 PC as part of his larger collection of vintage technology items, encompassing technology firsts, notable industrial designs, and devices with great sociological significance. Mr. Bohnett's great interest in the evolution of electronics initiated his acquisition of technology firsts, including the first cellular phone, first-generation VCR, and the original Apple iPod - to name a few. This vast array of unique technology items also includes a rare Enigma machine, popularized by the major motion picture 'The Imitation Game', and a Seeburg 1000 music system. Mr. Bohnett generously donated the Apple IIc and IBM Model 5150 to the Rhode Island Computer Museum, and by doing so, added invaluable pieces of history to the museum.