IBM 3777 Model 3 Communication Terminal

This Communication Terminal connects to a mainframe through a 19,200 baud modem, and uses the Multiple Logical Unit (MLU) protocol of the Systems Network Architecture (SNA) to support up to six data streams at the same time.

It can use the 8" diskettes, punch cards, or magnetic tape as input, and the printer, diskettes, and magnetic tape as output devices.

There is even an option to encrypt the data going to/from the mainframe.

It needs a little assembly and some repairs, but it looks like it is complete.

That is a 5202 card reader on the desk, and a 1024 (14 lines of 64 characters) character display at the left.

There are 8" diskette drives behind the doors at the right and left.

We have the 3203-3 1000 LPM line printer and the 3411 9-track 800/1600 BPI magnetic tape drive too.

We don't have the 3521 card punch and 3782-1 punch controller that can be used with the 3777.

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This is the full configuration of the 3777 Model 3.

We don't have the Card Punch and controller, but have everything else.

In 1984 the 3777-3 Communication Terminal cost $21,840, plus $8,420 for the 5202 punched card reader, $7,920 for the 9-track magnetic tape drive, and $29, 950 for the 3203 line printer. The $68,130 total cost in 1984 is worth about $161,000 today. Quite expensive for a remote job entry terminal.

The 3203-3 Line Printer.

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