Sequent Symmetry 5000

S/N 013902, 012168 23-MAR-96

Donated by BMI of Hanover, MA on January 14, 2002.

Sequent Computer Systems was originally named Sequel when it was formed by a group of Intel engineers in 1983. The company was purchased by IBM in 1999 and by 2002 the products were discontinued, but the technology is still used in the IBM System x products.

The Symmetry 5000 systems were introduced in 1994 and can have from 2 to 30 66 MHz Intel Pentium processors in high-performance symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) architecture. They run the DYNIX/ptx operating system that is a mix of AT&T's UNIX System V and 4.2BSD.

The back of the cabinets say that these are SE-60 systems. The paperwork inside the system says that they are 5000/70 systems so that means that they have the 100 MHz Pentium processors.

They have the following boards inside: