DEC PDP-11/15

S/N 4720

The system was originally a very simple configuration with a KC11 processor, a simpler design than the KA11 processor used in the PDP-11/20, two DL11A Asynchronous ports, an MM11E 4kW Core Memory, and a Unibus cable that went to the TC11 DECtape controller in the top of the chassis. A TU56 tape drive was the only mass storage.

This DEC PDP-11/15 has an OEM front panel overlay from Applied Color Systems, Inc. Princeton, New Jersey. ACS-Datacolor, is a world leader in computer control systems for the textile, paint, plastics, inks and printing industries. This system was most likely used for color matching.

Unfortunately the backplanes and boards were removed, but the power supply and fans remain. Some day we may find backplanes and a KC11 processor board set, and get this system running.

There is some anecdotal information on using one of the ACS systems here.

PDP-11/15 S/N 4720