Momenta Corporation 1/40 Pentop Computer

Momenta Corporation of 295 North Bernado Avenue, Mountain View, California introduced this 6 pound Model 1/40 Pentop Computer in 1991 at a list price of $4,995. It is powered by an Intel 386SX processor, has 4 MB of RAM, a 40 MB hard drive, and runs Momenta's proprietary DOS based, pen capable operating system. It is DOS compatible, has a VGA display, and a detachable keyboard and stylus. The display has a digitizer on top so that the stylus can be used to write notes.

Momenta Corporation was funded by investors the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan, and Europe and its founders were from Iran, Tanzania, Cuba, and

the U.S. Momenta’s founder and president, Kamran Elahian, also founded C.A.E. Systems and Cirrus Logic. The other co-founders were Shiraz Shivji, Beatrize Infante, Bob Groppo.