Momenta Corporation 1/40 Pentop Computer

Momenta Corporation of 295 North Bernado Avenue, Mountain View, California introduced this 6 pound Model 1/40 Pentop Computer in 1991 at a list price of $4,995. It is powered by an Intel 386SX processor, has 4 MB of RAM, a 40 MB hard drive, and runs Momenta's proprietary DOS based, pen capable operating system. It is DOS compatible, has a VGA display, and a detachable keyboard and stylus. The display has a digitizer on top so that the stylus can be used to write notes.

Momenta Corporation was funded by investors the U.S., Singapore, Taiwan, and Europe and its founders were from Iran, Tanzania, Cuba, and

the U.S. Momenta’s founder and president, Kamran Elahian, also founded C.A.E. Systems and Cirrus Logic. The other co-founders were Shiraz Shivji, Beatrize Infante, Bob Groppo.

MOMENTA SHIPS ITS PENTOP COMPUTER IN THE UNITED STATES AND GERMANY MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Momenta today announced that the Momenta Computer is now available. The Momenta is the first computer to offer users the benefits of a pen-based system and the standard functions of a notebook computer. The company began shipping from its Singapore manufacturing facility into the channel on Dec. 30, 1991. Momenta's distribution partners include over 150 authorized resellers and superstores including Computerland and Intelligent Electronics. Momenta is also shipping into the German market with localized software and manuals. "The Momenta offers users the opportunity to take advantage of new pen applications without giving up the use of traditional keyboard- based applications," said Pat Fahey, computer engineering consultant for Pacific Gas & Electric. "One of the strengths of the Momenta is how well the pen-based applications work together, and the ease with which you can move information between applications." Several pen-centric software applications have been developed for the Momenta by independent software vendors including: PenCell, a spreadsheet from PenWare Corp., a finalist for "COMDEX Best New Software Application" by Byte Magazine; StylusWP, a word processor from Rupp Corp., and QueryPaper, a SQL database access application from O2Ware. In addition, the Momenta ships with a suite of business tools and applications developed by Momenta, including: a presentation package; notetaker using electronic ink; electronic calendar and Rolodex; handwriting recognition trainer; file transfer software; fax send and receive; and a document mark-up application. Purchasers of the Momenta receive free software updates for one year from the date of purchase. A key part of the Momenta applications interface is the Command Compass(TM). This patented feature allows users to manipulate or modify information simply by stroking the pen in specified directions on the screen, thereby eliminating the ambiguity of gesture-based systems. The Momenta is a 386 SX-based computer running at 20MHz, weighs 6 lbs, 5 oz., has the dimensions of a three-ring notebook, and a suggested retail price of $4,995. The computer also ships standard with a built-in fax and data modem, 40MB hard drive, detachable keyboard, and carrying case. Momenta will be shipping a free saddlebag, an additional 4MB RAM for a total of 8MB, Windows 3.0, 33 Bitstream outline fonts, Norton Backup, Hayes Smartcomm EZ and RuppFXLink, a total value of over $1,000, to customers who purchase a Momenta before Feb. 29, 1992. The Momenta ships standard with DOS and Windows, offering people the capability of using their desktop applications and data with the pen. The Momenta will also support Microsoft's Windows for Pen computing and the many applications currently under development. Momenta International, based in Mountain View, is a privately held company that designs computers and software for the pentop computing market. Founded in 1989, Momenta employs more than 150 employees worldwide. Momenta and the Command Compass are trademarks of Momenta International. Other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. -0- 2/3/92 /CONTACT: Beth Fisher or Kim Carsten of Regis McKenna, 415-494-2030, for Momenta International; or Melanie Taylor of Momenta International, 415-969-3876/ CO: Momenta ST: California IN: CPR SU: PDT


Patricia P. McDougall, PhD, Indiana University Kelley School of Business

BUSINESS PEOPLE; Momenta Head to Offer His 'Pentop' Computer

The New York Times


Published: October 5, 1991


The Momenta Corporation said it would introduce on Monday what it called the first "pentop" computer, combining a laptop keyboard with the handwriting-recognition capabilities of the new pen-based versions. The company said its 7-pound portable, which comes with a carrying case resembling a briefcase, should appeal to "mobile executives. " The Momenta allows users to scribble notes on its screen in situations like meetings where typing would be inappropriate, said John Rizzo, vice president of marketing for the Mountain View, Calif.

October 4, 1991

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The Momenta 1/40 Pentop Computer.

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It looks like there is a problem with the hard drive.