DEC VAX-6000-510

Digital Equipment VAX 6000-510

During January 2002 Merle Pierce drove to Wisconsin to retreive several machines including this VAX 6000-510, donated by Gunter Schadow. This machine consists of a two CPUs with a Numonics performance enhancer, two BIbus Adapters, and BIbus I/O boards. The VAX was connected to a cluster controller and then to a cabinet containing eight RA90 disk drives.

This is what the inside of the machine looks like. The TK70 tape drive is at the top left. The Neumonics performance enhancer can be seen to the right. It has cables that connect to the two CPUs clock circuitry. The I/O chassis containing two BIbus backplanes is at the middle left. The XMI bus chassis containing the BIbus adapters, Memory boards, and CPUs is at the middle right. A really giant blower is below the card cages.

BI Bus I/O boards from right to left.

The XMI Card Cage with the CPU, Memory, and BI Bus Interface boards.

The coaxial cables from the CPUs go to the Nemonix 6000 Accelerator.

This Nemonix Engineering 6000 Series Accelerator increases the clock speed of the CPUs.