Honeywell DPS-6

Honeywell DPS-6

Mainframes (often colloquially referred to as Big Iron) are computers used mainly by government institutions and large companies for mission critical applications, typically bulk data processing such as census, industry/consumer statistics, ERP, and financial transaction processing. The term originated during the early 1970s with the introduction of smaller, less complex computers such as the DEC PDP-8 and PDP-11 series, which became known as minicomputers (also referred to simply as minis). The industry/users then coined the term "mainframe" to describe larger, earlier types (previously known simply as "computers").

From the 1950's until the mid-1970's, Honeywell was the United States importer of Pentax cameras and photographic equipment. These products were labeled in the U.S. Honeywell Pentax. From 1961 to 1978 the company expanded into such fields as defense, aerospace, computers and cameras. Honeywell originally entered the computer business via a joint venture with Raytheon called Datamatic Corp., but soon bought out Raytheon's share and the business became a Honeywell division. It also purchased minicomputer pioneer Computer Control Corporation, renaming it as Honeywell's Computer Control Division. Through most of the 1960s, Honeywell was one of the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" of computing. IBM was "Snow White," while the dwarfs, in addition to Honeywell, included Burroughs, Control Data Corporation, GE, NCR, RCA, and Univac.

In 1957, Honeywell, along with Ratheon, introduced one of the first computers in the U.S., the Datamatic 1000. Two years later, Honeywell's 800 and 400 models earned a solid reputation for advanced features.In the mid-1960s, Honeywell's 200 series gave IBM serious competition. It outperformed IBM's very successful 1401 computer, which it emulated, causing IBM to accelerate its introduction of its System/360. In 1966, Honeywell acquired Computer Control Company's minicomputer line, and in 1970, it acquired the assets of GE's computer business. The computer division was renamed Honeywell Information Systems, Inc. Through Honeywell's association with Groupe Bull in Europe and Bull's association with NEC in Japan, research and development were mutually explored and products were jointly developed. In the late 1980s, the three companies formed Honeywell Bull, and later Bull acquired the majority interest, renaming the organization Bull HN. The famous Honeywell name, having been identified with the most advanced computers, remained only as the "H" in Bull HN. In 1970, Honeywell bought General Electric's computer division. The company was reorganized into two operating units: Honeywell Information Systems, headed by President Clarence (Clancy) Spangle and headquartered in Waltham, Mass., and Honeywell Control Systems, headed by President Edson Spencer and headquartered in Minneapolis with the corporation's overall HQ. After RCA's sale of its computer business to Univac not long after, the term "Seven Dwarfs" was replaced by "the BUNCH" based on the initials of the five remaining smaller firms: Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control Data and Honeywell in that order. At the end of 1988 Honeywell's Computer Division was sold to Groupe Bull who officially took control in January 1989.

Our DPS 6 has been deassessioned and shipped to EDF Energy who own and run eight nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom.

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It does show some signs of life.

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For a large system there is not very much inside the cabinets.

It has 64 serial ports for terminals and printers.

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The card cage contains:

BXUPM11A-006 with BUPD011A-003

BCPU154A-004 with BCPMMU6B-002

BHSDC01B-001 with BDKSTAZA-001

BTMC002A-008 with BCHA001A-002

BEDR001A-002 with 3x BTCP001A-001 Tape-Clock Pac

BNMLC11A-007 Multiple Device Controller 4x BSS4001A-001 Quad serial

BNMLC11B-001 Multiple Device Controller 4x BSS4001A-001 Quad serial

BNMLC11A-008 Multiple Device Controller 4x BSS4001A-001 Quad serial

BMMU033A-001 Memory Controller with 4x BCMMST4A-001 Memory-Pac