This VS 45 system was manufactured on 4/18/83. It originally shipped with a 34 MB Quantum disk drive in the base, but the Quantum Disk drive and Controller were replaced by a 4-Port SMD Disk Controller to connect external SMD disk drives. It has 512 KB Memory and a CP5 CPU board.

The VS45 has a CP5 CPU and is capable of supporting up to 16 users. It was a complete 16 bit system: I/O, memory and system buses were all 16 bits wide. The standard configuration came with a 2270V-4 1.2 MB double-sided, double-density floppy diskette drive in the front of the system and one Q2040 34 MB 8" fixed disk drive in the base. A second MB 8" fixed disk drive could be installed in the base.

It is possible to upgrade this system to a VS65 by replacing the CP5 CPU board with a CP7 CPU board and replacing the 16-bit memory board with a 32-bit memory board. The VS65 can support, 30-48 users.

Double-click on the image to see a larger view.

Double-click on the image to see a larger view.

A VS45 usually has one or two 34MB disk drives in base, but this one has none.