DEC PDP-11/44 #2

S/N NI02328

This PDP-11/44 was donated by Thomas Holmes on 12/19/23.

The PDP-11/44 was introduced in 1979 as a replacement for the PDP-11/45 and PDP-11/70 systems. It has Memory Management with a 22-bit address and can support 4 Megabytes of RAM. It was the last PDP-11 to be built without a microprocessor based CPU.

The base PDP-11/44 consisted of a BA11-AA 10.5" chassis with a DD11-DK backplane and an H7144-AA power supply. The power supply can make up to 120A of 5.0V, and +/-15V.The chassis was typically mounted in a short M9642 cabinet with a 872-D Power Controller. For diagnostics the PDP-11/44 could boot from an optional TU58 Cartridge Tape Drive. This system has 3x 256k Byte memory boards, but 512k Byte and 758k Byte memory boards were available. The Multifunction Module in the processor contains an onboard 8085 processor to implement the console command set and diagnostics, and has two serial ports. One port is for the serial console terminal, and the second is for the TU58 Cartridge Tape Drive.

The following boards are installed in the chassis.

Slot P/N Description