NCR System3300

Class: 3350, Model 4600, Serial Number 15-29124575

The Motherboard is dated August 21, 1994, the CPU board is dated July 24, 1994.

NCR was one of a small group of companies that made IBM PC compatible systems that included a Microchannel I/O bus instead of the usual ISA bus. NCR licensed the Microchannel design from IBM.

This system was donated without the internal SCSI hard disk. We installed the correct drive, but we don't know the what is the SCSI ID setting should be.

It seems to need a password to get into the BIOS setup to configure the system. We don't have a setup diskette for this system. On most PCs there is a jumper to erase the BIOS settings or the battery can be removed. On this system the lithium battery that keeps the settings is inside of the clock chip. Without some documentation, or hints from someone knowledgeable about this system it is unlikely that we will be able to get it running.