PDP-8/S #1 Restoration


It was just like a scene from the American Pickers TV show.Dan (Mike Wolf) and Mike (Frank Fritz) picked up the Ryder rental Metro Van at 7:00 AM and headed off on a 250 mile drive to Pennsylvania to pick up a donated DEC PDP-8/S, TU56 DECtape and TC11 controller, and a PDP-11/34 with a RK611 disk controller. The trip out was uneventful other than running into a massive traffic jam at the George Washington Bridge. Dan decided to take a detour through the middle of Manhattan to the Lincoln Tunnel instead of waiting in line for about two hours to get the the GW bridge. We had to turn the voice on the GPS off because it was going wild when the satellite signals got blocked by the skyscrapers. We eventually got to Robin's house and picked up the equipment and lots of spare parts. The trip home was easy. We unloaded the equipment at the warehouse, dropped off the van, and headed home.


We inventoried the boards in the PDP-8/S, TU56 and controller, and in the PDP-11/34. We took lots of pictures and dug through the boxes to see what goodies were ther