Sperry UNIVAC System 80

This circa 1980 system was donated by International Bridge and Iron of Newington, CT. in September of 2002.

"The UNIVAC System 80 is an easy-to-use, low cost computer offering capabilities normally found only in larger systems. It can be used as a standalone system or as part of a distributed processing network. The latest computer technology is incorporated in System 80 including multiple microprocessors, multiple bus architecture, Emitter Coupled Locic (ECL) and Large Scale Intgegration (LSI)."

The Type 8422-00 8" diskettes at the far left of the system are used to load microcode (IMPL) for the CPU. There is a Model 9045413-00 fixed disk in the short cabinet under the notebook. The CPU is in the tall cabinet in the corner. The disk next to the CPU is an ISS Type 3419-00. A model 1710 card punch is in the foreground.