Wang 2200-VP

Wang 2200-VP

This complete 1977 Wang 2200-VP, in WCS/20 configuration, came to us through the generosity of its original owner, Mr. Joseph D. Coons of San Rafael, California.

This system has a single 8" diskette that has 16 hard sectors and 64 tracks for a total storage capacity of 262,144 bytes. Two additional diskette drives could be added.

The 2200 supported a large variety of peripherals; cassette tape, digitizer, disk drive (2.5, 10, or 10 MB), IEEE-488 instrumentation bus, magnetic tape drive, modem, paper tape, plotter, printer, punched cards, serial terminals (up to eight),

The 2200 was Wang Laboratories' first computer offering and came in a number of variations. The 2200 A, B, C. differed in the complexity and completeness of their ROM based BASIC operating system. The 2200 came with 4K RAM, expandable in increments of 4K to 32K. The S model was a compact Scientific computer and calculator. Later versions offered were the VP, MVP, LVP, SVP, WS and WP. There is also a 2200MVP in the collection with a Phoenix removable disc hard drive.

A brochure on the 2200VS is available here.