Intel MDS-II Model 230 Development System Restoration


We disassembled the system to inspect it and to take pictures of everything.

We disconnected the DC outputs that connect the power supply to the Multibus backplane and to the I/O controller board on the back of the chassis. We plugged the AC power cord into a Variac, set the Variac for a low voltage output, and turned on the power. Unfortunately nothing happened. We are in the process of determining why the AC power isn't getting to the fans and power supply.

With the Variac set to 30 VAC output we see 30 VAC on the internal floppy power cable. That should mean that the power cord, fuse, voltage selection switch, and power switch are all OK. We checked the resistance of the thermal cutout. It was just a few ohms, so that is OK.

We reassembled the chassis, reconnected all of the internal DC power cables, and powered up the system with 30 VAC input. This time the fans started running slowly, so there was AC power to the power supply. We slowly increased the AC voltage and the DC voltages to the backplane all look OK.

We plugged all of the boards into the chassis and powered it up. The LEDs for switches 0, 1, and 2 and RUN lit. Nothing was displayed on the CRT. We fiddled with the brightness control and could sometimes see a pattern on the CRT while the control was moved.

We set the LOCAL/LINE/DIAGNOSTIC switch on the back to diagnostic, and after a few minutes the CRT displayed INTELLEC SERIES II IOC DIAGNOSTIC V1.1. We ran the GENERAL and KEYBOARD/CRT diagnostics and the passed. We did not run the DISK diagnostics because this system does not have an internal floppy diskette drive.

With the LOCAL/LINE/DIAGNOSTIC switch set to LOCAL everything we type on the keyboard is displayed on the CRT.

With the LOCAL/LINE/DIAGNOSTIC switch set to LINE and reset the system. The CRT displayed SERIES II MONITOR, V1.2 and a prompt. We tried a few commands and it looks like it is working.