IBM Series/1

IBM Series/1

Part of this collection was donated by Caves Lumber, Newark, NY.

"IBM introduced the new Series/1 computer in November 1976 for experienced data processing users, i.e., primarily for customers with programming capabilities and a need for multiple systems. It was a general purpose system that offered both communications and sensor-based capabilities, and it enabled users to attach a large number and variety of input and output units, including custom-built devices for special applications.

The Series/1 consisted of 19-inch rack-mountable data processing units. It initially was available with two processors: a Model 3, ranging in memory size from 16K to 64K, and a Model 5, ranging from 16K to 128K.

In addition to the processors, the Series/1 also offered at announcement a fixed disk storage unit containing 9.3 million bytes of storable space; a diskette unit able to store either up to 250,000 or up to 500,000 bytes on one- or two-sided diskettes, respectively; a matrix printer which provided 120 character per second bi-directional capability; a display station; a sensor Input/Output unit; an I/O expansion unit to attach additional devices; various communications features; and OEM attachment features. Various processors and peripherals of the Series/1 were withdrawn from marketing between 1983 and 1987."

We have very little documentation on these machines and could use hardware manuals and prints.

The 4959 chassis at the top of the rack contains a bisync communications board. The next chassis down holds the processor. It was originally a 4953, then a 4955E, and then finally a 4956E. It doesn't have the programmer's front panel like some of the other systems. The next chassis is a Cambex QIC cartridge tape drive and at the bottom is a 4966 diskette jukebox.

The system sitting on top of the cabinet is a 4956 and is probably complete. The system in the cabinet is a 4953D and is missing most of it's boards.

This system has a diskette jukebox and a single diskette at the top. The 4955E processor is next and has the programmer's console. Below the processor is a 4922 disk drive and a diskette. At the bottom of the chassis is a 4963 disk drive.