Intertec Superbrain

Year 1979

The Intertec Superbrain was an all-in-one commercial microcomputer that was first sold by Intertec Data Systems Corp. of Columbia, South Carolina, USA in 1979. The machine ran the operating system CP/M and was somewhat unusual in that it used dual Z80 CPUs, the second being used as a disk controller. In 1983, the basic machine sold for about $2000.

There were several variants, including the Superbrain II, Superbrain II Jr., "QD" (quad density disk drives) and "SD" (super density) models.

The Superbrain is notable for being at the user end of the first Kermit connection in 1981.

Manuals- Bit Savers

This was the first desktop computer deployed at Columbia U and the one where Kermit was first implemented. It ran an 8-bit operating system, CP/M-80 (more about the Superbrain here).