IBM 5291 Terminal

IBM 5291 Keyboard

IBM's 5291 terminals also used the same keyboard as the Datamaster, mounted in a larger case than the PC/XT keyboard. (For this reason, aficionados often refer to the 5291 as "Bigfoot".) It had the same functional layout as the 5251 terminal keyboard, and attached to the terminal with a 15-pin connector. An unusual feature was the keyboard's three-stage risers. US-layout variants had the part numbers 4176191 and 1397950.

    • IBM 5291 Display Terminal

        • The keyboard of the IBM 5291

The 5291 Display Station is a member of the 5250 Information Display System, and can be used with the S/36, S/38, or AS/400 locally attached or remotely attached via the 5294 or 5394 Remote Control Unit. A low-profile typewriter keyboard permits the operator to enter, display, and manipulate data on a 12-inch monochrome screen. Similarly, the 3196 display station performs all the basic functions as the 5291-2 plus a number of additional functions. Capable of displaying up to 1,920 characters with 24 lines of 80 characters each, the 3196 also displays a 25th line containing an operator information area. The 3196 is compatible with the 5291 Model 2 Display Station and applications written for that product will operate on the 3196.