DEC PDP-8/S #2

PDP-8/S #2, S/N 857, donated 5/10/2011

This is the table-top version of the PDP-8/S. It is the same design as the rack-mount version, except that it has a top and bottom sheet-metal cover, an internal power supply, and fans in the back. The ASR-33 Teletype that shipped with this system had a PT08-A Teletype interface in the base of the Teletype. There were six cables that interconnected the bus in the processor with the PT08-A in the Teletype.

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There is some rodent damage to some core stack wires. This system will need to be completely disassembled, cleaned with alcohol, reassembled and the core stack repaired before this system will run.

The power supply for a rack-mount PDP-8/S is in the base of the cabinet. Since this is a table top PDP-8/S the ferroresonant transformer and rectifier that supplies the +10VDC and -15VDC is in right rear of the chassis. The gold colored box attached to the top cover contains the filter capacitors for the power supply. The table top version also has two fans at the left rear of the chassis.

The table top 8/S is identical to the rack-mount version except for the sheet metal surrounding the system and the power supply and fans in the rear of the chassis.