Data General Nova-4, P/N 8390-H, S/N 25959-385

This is a 1978 vintage 16-bit mini computer built by Data General in Southboro, MA.

It has 32KW of memory, TTI, TTO and RTC (Real Time Clock) and dual floppy options.

The Serial Number label says that this system has a 6030 Dual Floppy controller installed in slot 4, and a 4074 Serial Controller installed in slot 5.

It doesn't have the classic blinky-light and switches front panel used on the earlier Novas. The processor is made from four four-bit AMD Am2901 bit-slice ALUs instead of TTL parts used on earlier Novas. Digital Equipment used the same chip to make the PDP-10 KS-10, and some of the PDP-11s.

Edison de Castro, previously the Product Manager for the DEC PDP-8, left DEC in 1968 to form Data General. By 1999 DG was merged into EMC Corporation, and later EMC merged into Dell