Remington Sperry Rand Adding Machine

Cir 1955

This ten-key printing electric adding machine has a tan plastic cover and white plastic keys. In addition to the block of number keys, there are “S”, “N”, and “-” bars on the left and “T”, “+”, and “x” bars on the right. There is a place indicator above the keyboard. One may enter numbers of up to ten digits and print 11-digit results. Toward the back are the printing mechanism and the motor. The machine holds only paper tape 5.5 cm. wide. Printing is in either red or black.

The machine is marked on the front: REMINGTON (/) SPERRY RAND. The block of digit keys is arranged: 7 8 9 (/) 4 5 6 (/) 1 2 3 (/) 0. A sticker attached to the back reads: MODEL 41013-10. It also reads: REMINGTON RAND (/) OFFICE MACHINES DIVISION (/) MADE IN SEARCY, ARK. U.S.A.