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The Computer Crypt

Unless otherwise noted, the Computer Crypt Gallery is composed of photos of machines in the Museum's own collections. Permission is granted for use of these materials for educational purposes if an appropriate acknowledgment is made. We gratefully acknowledge the efforts of Ron Fraser, Dan Berman, and Michael Thompson who provided the photographs. As with all materials at this site, we welcome suggestions, corrections and comments which may be directed to the Rector at

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the crypt, but we do ask you not to kick the skulls which you might occasionally find lying about, nor feed the mice. Thank you.

Computing Engines Collection

Microcomputer Gallery - The microcomputer gallery consists of computers that were originally designed for personal or office use, or are otherwise just small in general.

Large Systems Gallery - The large systems gallery consists of computers originally designed as servers, industrial controllers, large word-processing systems, batch processors, or are just physically large. They may be mini-, midi-, or mainframe systems.

British Gallery - We have assembled a representative selection of small computers from the United Kingdom and other countries, and have placed them in a separate gallery.

Revels Test Equipment Gallery - Watch as the Reverend exorcises the Museum's computers, ridding them of the demons that you so lightly call "bugs." Unfortunately, our demons have a nasty habit of leaping to whichever computer is turned on. "Out evil demons! Out!!!" [whack] [whack] [click]

Wang Gallery - Pictures of a number of different pieces of Wang equipment.

Video Game Collection - Pictures of a number of different pieces of video game equipment.

 Minicomputers - The minicomputer gallery consists of "Mini's" in the RICM collection mostly manufactured from the Massachusetts Route 128 loop area.