DEC PDP-12 Source Code

Source Code for PDP-12 Programs

  • MOON.12, LINC mode Moon Lander program. It displays a rocket and lunar surface on the VR-14 monitor, knob 7 controls the rocket rotation, and knob 8 controls the fuel burn rate.

  •, LINC mode battling space ships program. We are missing the data tables source code, so we can't compile it.

  • SPCWR3.PA, Combination PDP-8 and LINC code for a very improved version of SPACEWAR!

    • SPCWR3.12, SPCWR3.PA with typographical errors fixed, additional comments added, and additional code to support using control boxes connected to the IOB XL signals in slot N13.

  • SPCWR3.README, Notes on running the game and on implementing PDP-1 like controllers on the PDP-12.