Plessey 6742/0

Plessey 6742/0

S/N 322

This Plessey system contains a DEC M8186 11/23 CPU board but all of the remaining boards are manufactured by Plessy Microsystems of Irvine California. The disk is an 8" Memorex with a capacity of about 80 MB. The Plessy disk controller makes the single Memorex disk look like three RK07 disks. It also contains a QIC 1/4" tape drive. The backplane is Q-bus but is hex-wide instead of the normal quad-wide. The backplane has a proprietary memory bus and the system has a mapper board. The mapper board makes this system a 6700 series instead of a 6600 series. RSTS-E 7.2-04 with an install date of 1984 is on the disk.

Plessey 703755-100F VVC11A QIC Tape

Plessy 705100-101A KTV9H Terminator

Plessey 703830-100F DCV06B Disk

Plessey 703860-300F DCV06B Disk

Plessey 705020-00D DLV11J Quad Serial

Plessey 705155-100A SV512 Memory (512KB)

Plessey 705185-100C KTV25 Mapper

Plessey 705115-100 MFV11B Multifunction