Panasonic, Sr. Partner - 1983

Salvatore Sama donated this Panasonic Senior Partner portable computer that is a classic and is in full working condition (he used it in high school only 10 years ago!)

The Senior Partner came with MS-DOS 2.11, Microsoft GW Basic, WordStar, VisiCalc, PFS:File, PFS:Graph, and PFS.

The Panasonic Senior Partner carried a suggested retail price of $2145 for a base system with one 5.25" floppy disk drive, 256K RAM, and bundled software. The same system with two floppy disk (shown to the right) drives retailed for $2595. A plug-in expansion board with 128K RAM (expandable to 256K) sold for $320. The Super Senior Partner, with 128K RAM, one floppy drive, and one 10Mb winchestor costed less than $5000, the going rate at the time.

The 16-bit 8088 and MS-DOS operating system provided good IBM PC compatibility and was solidly built as you can still see. A green screen is standard or you can hook it up to a RGB color monitor.

Panasonic Senior Partner