Apple Lisa 2/10

Model A6S0200

Donated by: Elizabeth Bristol 4/16/22.

This is the second generation of Apple Lisa (Local Integrated Software Architecture ). It has a 5 MHz Motorola 68000 CPU, 2 MB of RAM, a 800 KB Sony Microfloppy diskette, and an internal Apple 10 MB Widget disk drive. The display is 720 × 364 rectangular pixels on a 12-inch CRT.

This machine was manufactured in late 1983, so it was made prior to this model being rebranded as a Macintosh XL. It does have a late 1984 I/O board with the XL EPROM, but boots the Lisa software. We need to determine if it has the video modification to change the rectangular Lisa pixels to the square Macintosh pixels.

The "A" at the beginning means that it was manufactured in the USA. It was the 131th Lisa manufactured in the 42nd week of 1983, so it was manufactured before the just January 1984 announcement.

This label shows the Lisa 2/10 Model Number and memory configuration. It has the maximum configuration of 2 MB of RAM.

The very complicated, parallel interface, Apple manufactured Widget 10 MB disk is at the top, and the 800 KB Sony Microfloppy is at the bottom.

The power supply label says that it was manufactured about one year after the rest of the Lisa.

The I/O board has late 1984 date code chips and an XL EPROM, so this was upgraded after the system was manufactured.