IBM Personal System 2 Model P75

(November 1990)

Type/Model 8573-161

This system was donated by Liz Hryniewich of Chelmsford, Massachessetts.

The IBM Personal System 2 Model P75 was affectionately referred to as the "Luggable". Weighting in well over 20 pounds, this case was heavy. Compared to today's 4 pound laptops, the "Luggable" does not seem portable.

This PS/2 ran windows 3.x. If the memory/disk on the machine was upgrade one could run OS/2 on the box. In the late 80s early 90s, a memory stick cost about $250 so customer's were not going for it. They could not justify spending another $750 for 3 memory sticks and the cost of OS/2, thus the luggable was not a popular machine.