Mattel Aquarius

Mattel the producers of the Intellivision game machine wanted a somewhat better computer. Since they themselves never designed or manufactured the Intellivision, they didn't plan on designing a new computer either. But they found someone who would: Radofin Electronics Far East, from Hong Kong. Actually, Radofin Electronics had always been the manufacturer of the Intellivision for Mattel, and by now Radofin had also designed a small, inexpensive computer. Mattel bought the rights to this new machine, and started marketing it in the US as the Aquarius Home Computer System. The Aquarius was announced in 1982, but wasn't actually shown to the public until the Las Vegas Winter CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January of 1983. Mattel released a number of expansion peripherals for the Aquarius: 4K and 16K RAM memory cartridges Aquarius printer Aquarius modem Data (casette) recorder "Mini-Expander" module with two cartridge slots, improved audio and two game controller.