Phoenix Electronics (Expansion Technologies) A500 & A1000 Expansion Chassis

This side port expansion chassis works with the Amiga A500 or A1000 systems. It was manufactured by Phoenix Electronics and sold by Expansion Technologies at the ToolBox. It was available without a power supply, or with a 1 Amp or a 3 Amp power supply. It connects to the side expansion port on the Amiga and has passthrough connector for other expansion chassis. The bus is unbuffered so it only supports only one DMA device. The

lack of buffering also means that configuration information must pass from one card to the next. A jumper allows the use of the second slot if the first is empty. Another jumper lets you use peripherals connected to the passthrough connector in if both slots are empty. The optional internal power supply includes a power connector for a hard disk drive.

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The ToolBox shown with a C-LTD memory expansion installed.

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The inside of the chassis showing the power supply and backplane.