Tektronix 575 Curve Tracer

This Curve Tracer, S/N 001946, was donated by John Roe on 9-June-2021.

The Restoration Page for this Curve Tracer.

This Curve Tracer is used to determine the voltage/current curves for transistors and diodes. It was produced from 1957 to 1972, and the active devices inside are vacuum tubes. A transistorized version of the Curve Tracer, the 576, was introduced in 1969.

Several of the machines under restoration at the RICM, like the DEC PDP-9 and the WANG LOCI-2, use transistors and diodes that have no known modern substitute. We can use this Curve Tracer to determine the electrical characteristics of the transistors and diodes and compare them to potential substitutes. It will also be interesting to compa