Silicon Graphics Indy

The Silicon Graphics (SGI) Indy was introduced in 1993 and was discontinued in 1997, but received software support until 2011.

SGI workstations like the Indy were often used for content creation such as video editing, 3D graphic creation, and sound design. They were more expensive than a general purpose computer. The Indy was a budget-oriented model in SGI's lineup.

Our model has the following specs:

150Mhz MIPS R5000 CPU
“XZ” video card
IRIX 6.5.8

IRIX is the operating system that most SGI systems ran. It is a derivative of UNIX created by SGI. You might recognize IRIX from the famous scene in the Jurassic Park movie where the characters are navigating a 3D world on a computer to attempt to lock down the park. That application was a real prototype file explorer called "fsn" created by SGI to run on IRIX. Our Indy runs fsn!