IBM 5363 System/36

The 5363 was introduced in 1987 as a replacement for the 5364 Baby 36. The RICM has a 5363 II, 5363 III, and a 5363 IV.

We powered on one of the 5363-III systems and actually got a Sign On screen. It looks like the last time that it was IPLed was in 1994. That says a lot about the reliability of a system that has been powered off for 17 years. If we can figure out the administration userid and password we will have a demonstratable system.

IBM 5363 S/N 10-50554

With the cover off you can see that two of the possible four disk drives are installed.

A rear view of the 5363. The PC style card cage is at the top, the S/36 card cage is in the middle, and the power supplies are at the bottom.

The main processors and disk controllers.

The PC style expansion card cage.