HP 31E Calculator

This Hewlett-Packard calculator was donated by Kristian Nergaard of San Francisco, California. Mr. Nergaard was hired by HP as a corporate trainer in 1981 and spent almost 20 years working for the company in Northern California's "Silicon Valley" before taking early retirement at age 53.

Most of his career was spent in employee and management development, and he was also a process and quality consultant for many years. He collected a number of HP items during his career, including these calculators used by some of the engineers and employees working for him.

The HP-31E is another professional-quality personal product from the Hewlett-Packard 30 series line of calculators--calculators whose durability, size and ease of operation have made them the choice for use by climbers on Mt. Everest and astronauts in outer space. Doctors, engineers, scientists, and other people who require instant answers to complex highly technical problems use Hewlett-Packard calculators. This basic series was priced at $60.