Wang VS6230

This system has a 6230 CP11 CPU in a VS 5600 10-slot mini-tower chassis and was licensed for 128 users. The system could upport up to 256 users. The CPU bus is 32-bit and the I/O is 16/32-bit.

This system has two 2269V-5 326 MB SCSI disks installed that came from the remains of another system. All we need is a console and a boot/microcode floppy and we can install VS.


We tried to connect a console terminal to found that the terminal interface boards have just BNC connectors instead of the normal BNC/TNC connector pairs. We found an interface box that plugs into the terminal interface board that has BNC/TNC connectors, but the port numbers start at 8 so we can't use it for the console interface.


We found a pair of 2269V-5 326 MB SCSI disks in the remains of another system and installed them in the VS 6230. During boot we saw a lot of activity on the drive with SCSI ID of 6, and it displayed a 5407 error code. This means "Target not found" when it was trying to "Initialize low CP memory and load IPLTEXT file". Our guess is that the disks came from a system with a CP9 processor and a required file for the CP11 processor is missing.

We found the 2110 asynchronous console for this system, but not the keyboard or the serial cable that plugs onto the RCU.

To Do:

Find the Quad-Panel Cable P/N 421-0112 serial cable that connects an asynchronous 2210 terminal to the RCU.

See if we can find or make a Y Cable, P/N 220-0666 BNC to BNC/RNC console cable for the SIO.

The VS6230 CPU is in this VS5600 10-slot chassis.

The rear view shows, from left to right, RCU with SCSI and serial,

CPU, terminal with expansion connector, terminal with expansion connector,

SCSI, SCSI, SCSI. There is room for four internal SCSI drives.

The 6230 CPU board. This gets configured as a 6128 in GENEDIT when installing the OS.