Wang VS6230

This system has a 6230 CP11 CPU in a VS 5600 10-slot mini-tower chassis and was licensed for 128 users. The system could upport up to 256 users. The CPU bus is 32-bit and the I/O is 16/32-bit.

This system has two 2269V-5 326 MB SCSI disks installed that came from the remains of another system. All we need is a console and a boot/microcode floppy and we can install VS.


We tried to connect a console terminal to found that the terminal interface boards have just BNC connectors instead of the normal BNC/TNC connector pairs. We found an interface box that plugs into the terminal interface board that has BNC/TNC connectors, but the port numbers start at 8 so we can't use it for the console interface.


We found a pair of 2269V-5 326 MB SCSI disks in the remains of another system and installed them in the VS 6230. During boot we saw a lot of activity on the drive with SCSI ID of 6, and it displayed a 5407 error code. This means "Target not found" when it was trying to "Initialize low CP memory and load IPLTEXT file". Our guess is that the disks came from a system with a CP9 processor and a required file for