HP 3000 Series 70

Model: 32741AH, Serial Number: 2826AD4444, Option: 251,515

Donated by Computer Solutions of Orange, NJ donated on March 13, 2002.

The HP 3000 Series 70 was introduced in 1986. The base system with 8 MB of RAM cost $150,000. The system could support a maximum of 336 terminals, 13.7 GB of disks, magnetic tape drives, line printers, synchronous communications, Ethernet, and a large variety of development languages and applications. The processor is 16-bit implemented with 53.33 MHz ECL logic. The memory is 32-bit and with a maximum of 16 MB. It runs the MPE V/E operating system release G.B3.02 or newer.

Front Fiew

Front View, Inside. The CPU backplane is on the left, the I/O backplane is on the right.

The CPU Chassis as viewed from the rear

The IO Chassis as viewed from the rear