PDP-8/I, S/N M-26 L-647, DEC #62768, System S/N 1362

This system was used by the United Electronics Company, 42 Spring St, Newark, N. J., a part of GE, for testing vacuum tubes. It was donated to the RICM by Mark Blanchard. Geoffrey G. Rochat and Chris Tucker drove to NJ, picked up the system, and delivered it to the RICM in one very long day. The hour meter reads just 2472.7 hours, hardly run at all.

As of 1/12/12 the processor, the TC01 DECtape controller, and one TU55 DECtape are working.

We had to replace/repair 53 of the 127 flip-chip modules in this system.

It will boot the 4k Disk Monitor from DECtape.

On 09/28/13 Jack Rubin came for a visit to see the 8/I run, because he had just purchased an 8/I. Unfortunately it would not run.

On 01/25/15, after a two months of Saturdays repair effort, the 8/I booted the 4k Disk Monitor from DECtape.

As of 10/10/15, three of the TU55 DECtape drives are now working.

We modified the Teletype cable for the PDP-12 so that the Teletype works as an 8/I system console.

This system was integrated with the Kleinschmidt printer by Data Processing International.

They even put overlays with the Data Processing International name on top if the DEC overlays.