Poqet PC

Stephen Cullen, an ex Digital Equipment Shrewsbury employee, donated this Poqet PC, a DEC PCMCIA cartridge containing DEC terminal emulator software, and an external modem.

In the early 90s DEC sold this little hand held PC with the DEC PCMCIA cartridge and the modem for $1399.

The award winning Poqet PC was first produced by Poqet Computer Corporation in 1989.

Stephen Cullen, an ex DEC Shrewsbury employee, holding the Poqet PC.

This Poqet PC has Microsoft DOS 3.3 and other Poqet tools installed. It is powered by just two AA batteries that will last up for to 50 hours of operation. The serial port adapter and the 2400 baud modem are in the foreground. The PCMCIA cartridge to the left holds the DEC Mobilizer for All-In-1 software. The Mobilizer software would allow the Poqet PC to connect to a VAX running DEC's All-In-1 software and read/store/send email.

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This article on the Poqet PC and All-in-1 ran in the May 25, 1992 issue of Info World.

There are lots of details on the Poqet PC here.